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Once a writer tells us they're interested in your project, we introduce you to them so you can start creating content together.

We're experts at sourcing writers

At Growth Machine, we create 70+ articles per week across 15+ different blogs, and have worked with dozens of different writers. Our articles are read by over 3,000,000 people each month. We know how to find the perfect writer to give you the content your blog needs to stand out.


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We don't stop until you have a writer you're happy with. If you don't get a writer you love, we'll happily keep looking for you.

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We're sending you writers with professional blogging and content marketing experience. Writers who can generate leads, attract customers, get you to #1 on Google, educate readers, and make you a thought leader. Just check out the kinds of publications our writers have published for:

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Find Your Writers

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Can't I find someone for free on Upwork?

Sure, you could, but you'll have to sort through all the writers yourself. You'll have to wait much longer to get candidates. And you might not have as much experience selecting good writers as we do. If you want guaranteed good writers in 3 business days without the headache of sourcing talent yourself, this is the best place to get it.

What if I'm not satisfied with the writers you send me?

Let us know and based on that feedback, we'll send you more writers until you find one you're satisfied with! If we absolutely can't find someone who meets your expectations, we'll happily refund you the finders fee.

Do you help with planning out the content for the writer?

We can! If you want to ask us about planning out your content for you, just include that in the "extra information" part of the form, or let us know once we reach out with your writer candidates.

Why should I trust you to find a good writer for me?

We've worked with dozens of different companies in practically every niche imaginable to help them find skilled writers, create great content, and get those articles on the front page of Google. We know what to look for when picking a writer who can make your blog stand out, instead of getting another writer who just churns out articles.

Do you have writers who can cover [your niche]?

Almost certainly. We have yet to find a niche that we don't have writers for. We have relationships with over 1,900 writers, so odds are good that we have someone who can help you.

Who are your writers? Are they US-based? How much do they cost to work with?

We have writers from every experience level and from all over the world. We'll find the writers who are the best fit for you depending on your budget, which you specify in the signup form.

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