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The Writer Finder is part of Growth Machine, a leading SEO and content marketing agency that creates content for Y Combinator startups, growing companies, and Fortune 500 brands. We work with professional freelance writers who are subject matter experts in 100+ industries ranging from fintech, SaaS, and B2B to lifestyle, health, fitness, and beyond. Our articles are read by more than 3,000,000 people each month. We know how to find the perfect writer to make your content shine.


Our vast network of freelance writers ensures you'll have access to the ideal content creators for your brand.

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We only work with vetted, professional writers who understand SEO and know how to engage your audience. Writers who can generate leads, attract customers, rank high on Google, educate readers, and create content that stands out. Here are just some of the outlets that have published our writers:

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Find Your Writers

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Can't I find someone for free on Upwork?

Sure, you could. But you'll have to sort through all the candidates yourself — taking more time than you probably have. If you want qualified writers in one business week (or less) without the headache of sourcing talent yourself, choose The Writer Finder. 

What if I'm not satisfied with the writers you send me?

It's not likely, but sometimes it happens. Based on your feedback, we'll send you more writer options until you get someone who is ideally suited for your niche and needs.

Do you help with planning content for the writers?

We can! To learn more about how we can handle the content planning for you, simply let us know you're interested when filling out the request form. Or, you can contact us directly at Growth Machine.

Why should I trust you to find a good writer for me?

At Growth Machine, we have a proven record of creating high-quality content for hundreds of brands across multiple industries. We know what it takes to find top talent who can deliver SEO-driven, on-brand content that generates results.

Do you have writers who can cover my niche?

Almost certainly. We have yet to come across a niche that we don't have writers for — and we've been doing this a long time. With our vast network of freelancers, we're sure to find the right match.

Who are your writers? Are they US-based? How much do they charge?

We have writers who are subject matter experts from all over the world. We'll find the best fit based on your needs and budget, which you'll specify when you sign up for our service.

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