What a Freelance Copywriter Can Do For Your Business

February 26, 2019

Creating content is essential to the success of any B2C or B2B business or startup. You don't have to be in the copywriting business to create stunning content. All you need is the right team to tackle the job. That's where freelance copywriters come in.

For many business owners, working with freelancers can be outside their comfort zone. Here, we'll break down what a freelance copywriter can do for your business and why you may want to hire one.

Understanding Freelance Copywriting

A copywriter is a professional writer that creates content with the focus of marketing and selling products or services. They are different from content writers. Content writers write web content to inform, but not to encourage sales or conversions.

A freelancing copywriter is someone who offers these services in a remote capacity. They work from a home office or local coffee shops to deliver projects that support your marketing objectives. They are not in-house employees. Instead, they are self-employed or contractors.

Freelance copywriter pricing is based on the number of hours or work they complete, per project, or per word. Entry-level freelancers with no experience don't make much money working with their first client. However, professionals with an extensive freelance copywriting career can command six-figure salaries working with multiple potential clients. The freelance copywriter sends over an invoice at the end of the month or bimonthly . This invoice lists all complete projects and payment required for each.

What Do Copywriters Have To Offer Businesses

Freelance copywriters can help your business achieve its marketing goals by supporting the marketing team and content plan. Aside from having excellent writing skills, proofreading abilities, and blogging prowess, freelance writers have so much to offer businesses. Here are a few ways freelance copywriters can boost your business.

They Create Engaging Content

Copywriting services can be used to create website content such as landing pages and sales materials. These include case studies, sales letters, testimonials, and product descriptions. They also write marketing content including social media posts, ad campaigns, and blog posts. A good copywriter can create a highly-specialized experience for your target audience. From the minute they see your homepage to sales web pages and even video scripts, content helps drive conversions. These professionals create web content that is informative and interesting while subtly encouraging potential customers to purchase your products and services. Good content helps establish your business as a thought leader that consumers can trust. This helps establish your presence as an expert in the industry all while increasing sales.

They Offer Flexibility

Freelance copywriters can work full-time or part-time depending on the needs and type of client. Freelancers who specialize in writing copy also offer potential clients affordable per project or hourly rates and discounts on bundled or bulk projects. Small businesses especially benefit from hiring freelancers. You can hire a freelance copywriter for a small one-time project or long-term on a part-time basis to balance the needs of your budget and content. Their flexibility is only limited by your imagination.

They're More Affordable Than In-House Employees

Since freelance work environments are so flexible, they can also be significantly more affordable than hiring a writer in-house for your own business. Most freelance copywriters do not receive pricey company benefits such as health insurance, gym memberships, and other perks. Instead, they are compensated fairly for the hours they put into creating high-quality content. They can also use the content they create for you as part of their online portfolio to get new clients. This can help businesses save cash and reinvest that capital into growing the business.

They Help Save Or Reallocate Time

Writing content can take so much time that many business owners simply don't have. While you can write your own blog posts, it's often a better strategy to hire a professional writer. Professional copywriters know how to conduct keyword research to write content that your target audience finds engaging. This process can take time away from other projects you need to focus on as a business owner. Hiring a professional writer can help you focus on other tasks while also improving the outcome of the content you create–all while saving precious time.

You Have Access To Top Talent

When you hire an in-house writer, you're limited to your general region—whether that's a big metropolis such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Diego, or New York or a small town in the heartland. This limits your copywriting work to a small handful of writers that happen to live near your headquarters.

By hiring a freelancer, you get access to writers across the country and even across the globe. You'll be able to hire successful copywriters in the industry, not just the ones that happen to live in your area. You'll also get access to more diverse copywriters. Maybe you need a technical writer to create informational manuals or a creative copywriter to draft engaging guest posts showing how previous customers use your products. A copywriter can also help draft podcast descriptions, sales copy, whitepapers, marketing materials, and marketing campaigns. Whatever type of writing you're looking for, hiring a freelancer dramatically expands your pool of potential applicants.

They Offer More Services Besides Writing

Freelance writing professionals aren't just writers, the best ones are also digital marketing geniuses. Their marketing skills help you make money by boosting traffic to your website and increasing conversions. Great copywriters are generally well-versed in SEO content marketing and search engine optimization. This is the process of increasing your visibility in search engines through unpaid methods—commonly referred to as organic traffic. An SEO copywriter can help increase your reach and get your content in front of potential clients.

Freelance copywriters are also adept at using web platforms such as Wordpress and Wix. They know how to upload blog posts and edit landing pages to drive traffic and increase conversions. They're familiar with sales tactics and web design and can use these skills to boost your business.

They Add A Personal Dimension to Branding

Professional copywriters can also be part of your public relations team, particularly if they're creating content for social media, ad agencies, or email copywriting campaigns. They can offer a direct response to comments and concerns that arise on social media and do it in a fun and engaging way. Copywriters are usually familiar with industry trends and viral hits so they can respond in a personalized way, making the potential customers feel closer to your brand.

Hire A Freelance Copywriter

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