Everything You Need to Know About Content Writers

January 17, 2019

In today’s digital world, marketing and content go hand in hand. It’s not enough to simply create great products, you have to find ways to drum up attention and get your products in front of potential customers. One of the best ways to increase your company's reach is to create entertaining content.

That’s where content writers come in. A content writer is an expert writer that can draft engaging, informative, and catchy content. Content creation helps increase engagement and can help drive repeat customers and inform potential new customers.

Here, we’ll show you why a content writer is one of the most valuable members of any marketing team. You’ll learn more about who content writers are, what skills to look for, and how to hire the best ones.

What Is A Content Writer?

A content writer is someone who creates web content. They are different from copywriters in that they create content that informs rather than sells. Copywriting focuses more heavily on making sales, conversions, and lead generation while content writing is more about providing information. They can write long-form content such as blog posts as well as ad copy, product descriptions, podcasts, real estate guides, landing pages, press releases, white papers, email campaigns, social media content, and other marketing and SEO content. They also create graphics, e-books, and other promotional materials to help companies boost their outreach.

A good content writers sets the tone for the company website and creates informative posts that offer value for readers. These writers can be hired in-house or on a freelance basis. They often work on various projects for long periods of time and are an essential part of any marketing team.

Why Does Content Marketing Matter?

Content marketing is one of the main funnels that companies use to make their products and services known to potential customers. Today, most companies use a blog to increase engagement and interact with potential customers.

Without content marketing, it's difficult to sell products and reach new customers. The main focus of content marketing is to produce high-quality content that engages readers and converts their interest into sales.

Content marketing takes a lot of time and effort, but is worth the investment. For many business owners, the thought of writing weekly blog posts or marketing emails can be daunting. Fortunately, there are expert writers known as content writers that can get the job done for you. We'll show you why you should hire a content writer and give you tips on hiring the best ones.

Why You Should Hire A Content Writer

Hiring a freelance content writer allows you to focus your talents where they matter most. By employing a professional writer, you know your site will have high-quality content and you can focus on promoting the company or building your team.

Writing is hard. Most business owners aren't classically trained writers or don't have the skills and expertise to create engaging content. Content writers have expert knowledge in creating marketing-driven content and can make a daunting task much easier. In their writing jobs, content writers create pieces that adhere to a style guide and conduct proofreading to make sure each piece is grammatically correct.

Content writers aren't just subject matter experts, they double as marketing experts. They can help run keyword research to figure out what types of online content your potential customers are looking for. This keyword research is also essential to SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the marketing process used to increase a company's online visibility through unpaid channels.

It's an essential marketing tactic to increase organic or natural search results. The better your SEO, the better chance you have of reaching potential customers. Content writers create posts that are tailored to your potential customers with a focus on increasing your online visibility.

What to Look For in A Content Writer

Not all content writers are created equal. A great content writer will have extensive experience and deep knowledge of niche topics. Some may have classical training and a Bachelor's degree while others may have honed their skills in the workplace. Before hiring a content writer, keep an eye out for the following skills.

Content Writer Skill Set

Command of Grammar and Spelling

The main thing all content writers should possess is excellent writing skills. They should have excellent command of the English language. A great web content writer will know proper grammar rules and writing styles such as AP or Chicago.

A website content writer must also be able to write quickly and meet strict deadlines. They must be creative and innovative to write content that stands out from the competition and engages consumers.

Web Design

Many content writers are also well versed in software and tools used to create and design web pages. This is an especially important skill to look for if you want the content writer to maintain and manage the posts and web pages they create. Look for writers that have experience with CSS or HTML. Also look for writers that have experience with your web platform whether it's WordPress, Webflow, or another alternative.


One of the biggest strengths of a great content writer is the ability to command voice. Content writers can capture your brand's voice and personality and turn it into engaging content. This voice provides consistency across articles and introduces your target audience to your company's values.

Expert Knowledge and Research Skills

A high-quality writer should be an expert in the field that they will write about. They should have excellent research skills and should be able to source and cite research accordingly. Look for writers that are thought leaders in their industries or have years of experience in your industry or field. If you need to create content on software or other technical specifications, look into hiring a technical writer—someone who can create interesting marketing content and explain difficult technical subjects in simple terms.

How to Hire A Content Writer

There are two main types of content writers: in-house hires and freelancers. We'll discuss both briefly below so you can decide which type best fits your needs.


In-house writers tend to be more expensive than freelancers. That's because they typically work full-time and receive benefits and perks like other full-time employees.

The benefit of an in-house writer is that they get to know company culture much more quickly than freelancers. They also have more frequent, in-person contact with other members of your digital marketing team. They can work more closely on the content strategy and can adapt content more quickly.

The best way to hire an in-house content writer is to post a job ad or reach out to writers you admire. Aside from the job title, your content writer jobs ad should be specific and concise. List any special requirements such as technical skills or software tools you expect the writer to be familiar with.


Hiring a freelance writer offers flexibility and cost savings. Freelancers are typically the best choice for small businesses since you can hire them on an as-needed basis and pay per project. You also save money on benefits and perks that are typically reserved for full-time employees.

In addition, hiring a freelancer expands the potential job pool. Rather than limiting your company to local hires, you can hire writing experts from other cities and countries. Just be clear if you require a freelancer to be an American citizen for tax purposes.

The difficulty with freelancers is that you need to establish open communication channels since they typically won't come into the office regularly. Without established and effective communication, things can fall through the cracks. The key to working effectively with a freelancer is to be clear about expectations and maintain consistent contact to ensure the entire marketing team is on the same page.

Content Writing Services

If you're having a hard time finding a great content marketer, try outsourcing the work to a content writing service such as The Writer Finder. These agencies source high-quality writers that can produce content for everything from social media marketing to white papers. The downside of these agencies is that they typically require an up-front payment that can be out of reach for companies with small budgets.

Improve Reach With A Content Writer

Whether you're looking for someone to create eye-catching social media posts or informative guides on a specific subject matter, a content writer is an essential addition to your marketing strategy. Many content writers are experienced SEO specialists that can increase your online presence and draft written content that reaches your target audience. Use these tips and you’re sure to find the best writer for your company’s goals.