19 Blog Post Ideas to Generate Buzz and Drive Traffic

January 17, 2019

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, having a regularly curated blog helps readers keep up to date with your products and services. Blogging is so much more than just keyword research. You want your company blog to be engaging, informative, and fun for readers to check out.

Creating creative content will encourage readers to add your blog to their morning routine and keep them coming back for more. Sometimes, that's easier said than done.

If you have writer's block, have run out of ideas, or just can't seem to figure out what you should post on the blog next, check out these new ideas. We've brainstormed and created a list of topics you can use to create the best blog posts and drive traffic to your site.

1. Trends

One of the best ways to reach potential customers is to create content that focuses on current trends. In a world where social media is front and center, trending content is a great way to excite readers and get them interested in your products and services. You can rant on the latest obstacles or rave about new changes you're excited about in your industry.

Post blog content that highlights this week's trends in the industry or use the space to predict upcoming trends. That way your audience can stay ahead of the curve.

2. Introduce Your Team

People like to feel connected. By drafting articles about your staff, readers feel like they get to personally know the creators behind your products and services. Companies like Starbucks and Southwest frequently feature their employees in social media campaigns and advertisements.

This popular post idea helps endear members of your team and your company as a whole to consumers. They get to see your values and branding at work and get a feel for what you stand for and offer.

3. Guest Post

One of the best ways for business owners to build credibility and trust with consumers is to feature articles from thought leaders in relevant industries. Reach out to experts in your field and see if they'll create an informative post for your target audience.

Guest blogging is also a great way to grow traffic to your site since the thought leader will likely already have a dedicated following that will check out your products and services. The more credibility the thought leader has, the more likely consumers are to take their advice and purchase your offerings.

4. Case Study

Case studies are great blog posts that add value and expertise to your website. A case study shows that your product was beneficial to a real life customer and builds trust with consumers.  Make sure to emphasize how your products impacted the user's life when commissioning the case study.

5. Industry News

New developments and changes within your industry can impact how customers choose products. Keep your customers informed with weekly, monthly, or yearly updates on changes within the industry.

Depending on your industry, you may want to post more or less frequently. You can schedule these posts last minute to reflect unexpected changes in the industry or inform your audience weeks before new adjustments are scheduled to be made. Either way, focus on being informative and helping the reader adjust or use your products and services to meet new challenges as they arise.

6. Expert Interview

Another popular post to add credibility to your site is an interview with an expert. These experts usually have advice and behind-the-scenes insights they can share with your readers. This knowledge adds value in terms of your brand's expertise while also building trust between your company and the consumer.

7. Promote New Features or Products

One of the most important parts of running a business is keeping consumers updated on what you're working on. These types of posts are highly informative and let the reader know what new products or features you have that may be beneficial to them.

These posts should be concise and focus on being informative and can be sent out to your email list. Leave out fancy marketing keywords and just focus on sharing the products you love with your customers. You can also share new products through giveaways on your own blog or send out a tweet to your followers.

8. How-To Post or Ultimate Guides

One of the best ways to reach your customers is to write how-to guides or ultimate lists. These types of posts are typically step-by-step guides that are designed specifically to help the reader accomplish a specific task.

Most people use the Internet to solve their problems or discover solutions to make their lives easier. How-to guides can provide the answers they're looking for and discover the products you offer that they may love.

9. Highlight Frequent Mistakes

The Huffington Post did some research and found that headlines that use negative superlatives had a 63 percent higher click through rate than positive ones. People want to know the most common mistakes and whether they're committing them too. It's all about self-improvement here so write a new post that helps them identify common pitfalls and shows them how to avoid making them.

Make sure to keep these posts fun and lively to avoid overwhelming the reader. You don't want readers to leave your site feeling bad about themselves or having a bleak view of the industry. Don't be too negative throughout the article and always end on a positive note.

10. Ultimate Guide on A Specific Topic

One of the most popular posts is an ultimate guide. These new posts are typically presented as list posts that rank products and services in the industry. They essentially function as a cheat sheet for consumers when they're looking to solve a specific need.

You've probably come across a few of these whether you were looking for a new hair care product, travel destination, or software. Ultimate guides are a great way to showcase your products or services among other top-notch options.

11. Share Frequently Asked Questions

As a business owner, it's more than likely that you get a lot of questions surrounding your products or industry. It's also likely that the majority of your potential customers have similar questions. Share answers to some of the most commonly asked questions to help readers get a better feel for your products and services. You can create one overarching FAQ post or address each question in a stand-alone post as part of a larger question and answer series.

12. Write An Open Letter

An open letter to customers is a great way to share the things you feel you succeeded at as well as recent failures. Transparency is a great way to increase trust and engagement among your audience. Sharing your experiences in a personal open letter helps customers relate. These posts are more effective when they are raw and honest, so don't be afraid to be vulnerable and open—especially when it comes to failures.

13. Keep Things Fun With Quizzes

Quizzes are a fun way to engage potential customers and introduce them to your brand. Quizzes are also beneficial for business owners as they provide valuable insight into customer's habits and desires when it comes to your products and services.

Quizzes are easy to incorporate into your blog whether you use WordPress, Wix, Webflow, or another alternative. Just look for plugins and make sure the quiz content is both fun and informative. Buzzfeed is a great site to check out if you need inspiration for your quizzes.

14. Stay In Season

For the most part, you want to create evergreen content that doesn't need to be updated or replaced each month. In some cases though, it's a great idea to promote seasonal content to inspire your audience. These types of blog posts are particularly useful during holidays or events that are relevant to your industry.

For example, if you run an interior design company, posting seasonal updates to furniture and décor can help consumers keep things interesting. Seasonal topics also help meet reader demand for niche content that may only pop up once or twice per year.

15. Create A Weekly Roundup

In today's fast-paced world, there is always something new and exciting going on. Keep readers up to date on relevant information in your industry with a weekly roundup. Focus on hot post topics your readers may find interesting.

The best part of the weekly roundup post is that you can include it in a weekly newsletter and send it out to your email marketing list. Highlight any new developments in the industry, dispel common misconceptions, note any predicted trends, and share new features or products directly with your audience.

16. Feature A 'Day in the Life' Post

This is a popular blog post that makes readers feel like they know you or are part of a great community. As the world grows ever more interconnected, readers want to feel like they know the people behind your company and how you operate. Sharing a glimpse of what a day at your headquarter is like makes consumers feel like they can relate to you.

Be down to earth and avoid bragging when making these posts. The key here is to be relatable and interesting. You want to reader to feel inspired by what you create and that they can be part of the process too. You can also invite influencers and bloggers to create "a day in the life" post featuring your products.

17. Show How You Use Your Products

Post a short story or podcast on how you and other people have used your product or services successfully in the past. It's particularly interesting for readers to see how product developers use the products they create. Share stories from your own experiences as well as other team members.

You can also share insight into how prominent experts, thought leaders, and industry insiders use your products. These blog topics help give your customers ideas on new ways to use the products they already love or may be interested in purchasing. you can also use infographics to show step by step instructions.

18. Share A List of Favorite Things

Inspired by Oprah's Favorite Things list, this blog post idea is a great way to share your favorite products and services. As a business owner, people look to you for insight and expertise. Share your favorite items whether or not they relate to your own products and services.

You can also share your bucket list products or ideas that you'd like to accomplish in the next year. These posts are particularly beneficial at the end of the year when people are looking to spend money or at the beginning of the year when they're looking for new inspiration.

19. Share Product Reviews

Reviews are among the most frequently searched for content today. Whether it’s a TV show or book review or a review on a new trending product, reviews are a great way to share how well an item performs. You can increase revenue by incorporating affiliate links.

Boost Blog Traffic With These Ideas

If you're having a hard time with SEO content ideas, you've come to the right place. Add these fun, inspiring, and informative blog ideas to your content calendar and start creating content your customers will enjoy. Remember that different types of content can help you achieve different content marketing goals. Try a few of these different blogging tips each week and see what works best for your company and your audience. Follow up by tracking and evaluating your stats to make sure your content is eprforming well.

Keep adding new content each week to draw readers back to your site and keep them informed on what's going on in the industry and with your products. Regularly schedule new blog posts and mix up your content to keep readers engaged and coming back for more.